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Pilates with Michelle
Pilates with Michelle
Pilates with Michelle empowers you to feel good, and create greater strength, balance, health and vitality.
Hello and Welcome
Breathe greater life into your movement, your body and you.

For the past 17 years, I have had the pleasure of working with men and women from all walks of life…  From non-athletes and professional athletes, to pregnant women and people 80+ years young with all manners of abilities, conditions and postures. 


I am inspired by what our minds and our bodies have the ability to do when given the necessary information and guidance.


I am further inspired by the results I have witnessed people achieve. 


At Pilates with Michelle, I will work one-on-one with you to assess where you are, listen to your goals, and design a program to empower you to achieve them. 


At the end of your session, my intention is that you are where you want to be ~ feeling better, stronger, with more balance, energy and vitality, and ultimately, with the ability to live your life with greater joy.


"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" - Joseph H. Pilates


To your health and happiness, 

Michelle McGraw

Michelle McGraw, PMA-CPT

Professional Pilates Teacher, Fletcher Pilates


Pilates with Michelle

Pilates is a series of highly effective, low impact movements designed to bring the body back into structural alignment and balance, while strengthening and lengthening the muscles, creating flexibility.  


It is a practice for people of all ages and abilities that energizes the body and sometimes the spirit, creates mental clarity and acuity, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the most essential component of life, that is the breath.

Pilates with Michelle Private Pilates Class

Pilates with Michelle focuses exclusively on Private Sessions.  

To begin, schedule a Personal Consultation and a Private Session with Michelle for $150.

In this session you will learn what your body currently needs to feel its' best.  

This is the very first step to ensure you are focusing on what is most important for your body and will help you make the most of your sessions.

Pilates with Michelle's clients

"I have a background in dance and a strong yoga practice for decades, but no bodywork I have done has come close to the dramatic results I have gotten from working with Michelle; lower back pain is a thing of the past.


Michelle is, quite simply, remarkable. She is intuitive, respectful and professional. And it’s never too late! I am 64 years old, and thanks to Michelle, feel better than I did at 50!”


“I took a private with Michelle, and it was a total game changer...she is amazing! I walked in with chronic back pain … and I walked out pain free, taller, my lower back pain was gone.  The end result of our session was like having physical therapy, breathing coach, posture coach, stretch lab and massage all in one.  I'm hooked :)”



“I was referred to Michelle and started seeing and feeling results immediately. She focused on my core muscles and breathing techniques to make me stronger and allow me the ability to relax. Not only did this help tremendously throughout my pregnancy, it also helped during my delivery. Without Pilates with Michelle, I am certain I would have had a pregnancy full of pain and discomfort.  I would recommend her not only to expecting mothers, but to anyone committed to a healthier mind and body connection.”



"I’m most grateful for the Pilates instruction I received from Michelle.  Her attention to detail was profound and allowed me to progress steadily. I would highly recommend her as a Pilates teacher, especially for anyone whose progress has stagnated, as she has the ability to “think outside the box” to move one forward.”



“Two days a week for 7 years with Michelle and each session is different.  There is no system, no routine.  She asks you how your body is and plans her session.  Michelle knows the anatomy like no Pilates teacher I have met since 1999.  Not to mention she has a heart of gold.”



Michelle McGraw graduated from the University of Arizona with of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1992.  She began her personal practice of Pilates in Los Angeles in 1997.  What started as a desire to be healthy, lean and strong evolved into a journey of discovery of the mind, body, spirit and life transforming power of the Pilates work.  After working corporately for ten years in the U.S. and abroad, she directed her passion to share this work and make a difference in the lives of others and began teaching.  


Michelle is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher and a Certified Professional Teacher of Fletcher Pilates.  She began her formal Pilates teacher training in 2002 with the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study, recognized internationally as the most comprehensive and definitive program of its kind with a base instruction of 1,000 hours over a two-year period.  


Over the years Michelle has consistently expanded her knowledge with continuing education workshops and seminars. 

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The studio is located in northwest Tucson

near Oracle and Orange Grove.




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Pilates with Michelle

Magenta is the color of Transformation - Releasing the old and embracing the new.  

Magenta also means Universal Love in its highest form - 

Love of self.  Love of others.  Gratitude for mind, body, spirit and life. 

The Icon represents Life Force Energy and Infinite Possibilities.

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